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In 2002, there was no one able to produce large-caliber stainless steel seamless pipes in Wenzhou, Zhejiang at that time, and Wenzhou Hongsheng Steel Pipe Plant (predecessor of Zhejiang Hongsheng Special Steel Co., Ltd.) was born at the right moment; the largest caliber produced then was 530mm, with wall thickness up to 30mm.

In 2006, the company was relocated from Wenzhou to Zhejiang Lishui Songyang Stainless Steel Industrial Park for future long-term development; covering 22 acres, it had a registered capital of 10 million Yuan. Production started in 2007; after a year running, the largest caliber produced was 711mm, with wall thickness up to 50mm, and the company had formed its own unique large-caliber stainless steel thick-walled pipes production process, with high popularity in Zhejiang’s stainless steel pipes industry.

In 2008, the company expanded its workshops, adding cold-drawing 820mm outer diameter broacher production line, temperature-computer-controlled large continuous solution treatment furnace, ultrasonic flaw detector, water pressure monitor, eddy current tester, metallographic analyzer, universal material tester (mechanical properties tester), intergranular corrosion tester, carbon-sulfur analyzer, spectrum analyzer, large hardness tester, and impact test equipment, etc.

In 2009, the company’s production structure transformed from the originally dominant large-caliber stainless steel pipes and stainless steel thick-walled pipes into high-tech and less competitive large-caliber thin-walled stainless steel pipes (seamless), mainly for refinery pipes; the company can produce thin-walled stainless steel seamless pipes of 3-28 inches outer diameter and SCH10s wall thickness. Currently, the company has mature technology for the production of large-caliber thin-walled stainless steel seamless pipes, especially in terms of the control of wall thickness tolerance, we have gone far beyond such standards as national GB/T14976, American ASTM A312 and EU EN10216-5 D3\T3, etc.

In 2011, the large-caliber thin-walled stainless steel pipes (seamless) of Grade 0Cr18Ni9 and Size 630mm*6.5mm produced by the company passed the special equipment test of the State Oil Drilling and Refining Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center with a certificate numbered TSX 71004320110063, and in the same year, we also obtained the national A2 (1) and B (2) special equipment manufacturing license (pressure piping components) numbered TS2710T63-2015.

In 2012 and the next few years, the company’s major innovative tasks are: 1. R&D of large-caliber ultrathin-walled stainless steel pipes (seamless), i.e., looking for breakthroughs in the production of stainless steel seamless pipes of 6-28 inches outer diameter and SCH5s wall thickness. 2. R&D of nickel-base heat-resisting alloy steel pipes, mainly including: Incoloy800, Inconel600, Hastelloy and Monel alloy steel pipes.