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Hongsheng commissioned by domestic stainless steel pipe giant to produce high precision thick-wall stainless steel pipes

A large-scale stainless steel pipe factory in China entrusted our company to produce high-precision stainless steel pipe of standard A511 mechanical engineering pipe.




Item name: Stainless steel seamless pipe

Mark: TP304L

Processing technique: Cold-drawing

Standard: ASTM A511

Specification: 120.65mm×100.58mm×10mm×6096mm

Requirement: external diameter tolerance (0 mm, +1 MM), inner diameter tolerance (-1mm, 0 MM), straightness: 1.5mm/m

Inspection requirement: ASTM A511 standard inspection + 100% PMI inspection + chemical composition test. Wall thickness of six different spots at the end of each pipe should be measured and be in acceptable inhomogeneity (serious inhomogeneity of wall thickness of the same pipe should be avoided), the middle body of the pipe should undergo ultrasonic thickness measurement on six different spots in both horizontal and longitudinal directions.

Finished product state: pickling-annealed, clean and dry inside and outside surface without clear water stain, and the mouth of pipe is smooth.

Quality assurance: The quality guarantee certificate of the thick-wall stainless steel pipes provided by the supplier will serve as a preliminary certification for quality conformity. Within the valid inspection time (3 months), if any quality problem of the products occurs, the seller should bear the responsibility to exchange or return the products and related freight; the supplier should bear direct losses caused by quality inconformity, losses caused by returns of products, inspection costs, transportation costs and losses caused by delayed delivery (if delivery tardiness occurs, a daily compensation worth 0.5% of the total contract value should be paid, with the total compensation amount not exceeding 10% of the total contract value. If the delivery tardiness caused by the supplier is over 30 days, the purchaser has the right to terminate the contract and recover all prepayments and tardiness compensation).

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