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Large diameter stainless steel pipe

Product Description

Name: stainless steel thin-walled pipess (seamless)

Grade: TP304

Production process: cold drawn

Production standards: ASTM A312

Size: 457.2 mm * 4.78mm * 6000mm billet: Shanghai Walsin

The clients: Singapore PEC Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer: Zhejiang Hongsheng Special Steel Co., Ltd.

   Our company is the the Zhejiang Wenzhou and Lishui first manufacturers to produce large diameter stainless steel pipe (seamless). Maximum diameter can reach 830mm, another steel pipe in the manufacturing process, before each cold drawn on the wall of the pipe systemic measurement will detection, and then in accordance with the detection result, adjustment of a cold drawing process so that the wall thickness of the stainless steel pipes produced only two not eccentric, to better ensure that the middle will not appear eccentric conditions, applicable to large stainless steel pipe fittings, drum manufacturing and petrochemical, coal, gas pipeline project.

 The company has its own independent testing center, within the ultrasonic testing, hydrostatic testing, eddy current testing, metallurgical analysis, universal testing instrument (mechanical performance detection), intergranular corrosion test, carbon and sulfur analyzer, spectrum analyzer, large hardness meter, impact test equipment to facilitate customer acceptance testing on the spot. Third party testing organization also commissioned by the customer to specify acceptance.

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